Character Information


First Mate Beatrice:
Often found with a new flashy cameo around her neck, Bea loves the excitement of a new challenge and the deadlier the better. She ran away from home to be a part of the crew and wants to protect her new family at any cost.

Captain Robert Morris:
A war vet from Old Germany, he built up the airship Desire along with Seth and set her to the skies. He's never seen without his aviator cap and trenchcoat on and would take a good cigar over a hot meal. Although outwardly gruff, the Captain has a big soft spot for his crew.

Spade is a mystery and an enigma wrapped in an awesome helmsman. A man of few words, the only one who really knows him is Geoff.

A worrier and a natural at navigation, Geoff quickly rose up from scrubbing floors to mapping courses for the ship. He arrived on board only a little earlier than Bea and he keeps an eye out for her safety, because he knows she won't watch out herself. 

A gypsy without her caravan, she claims the skies are the next terrain for adventure. While she feigns unconcerned, her emotions for the crew run a lot deeper than she likes to let on. Talented with knives, most firearms and counting cards, she's a valuable asset on the crew.

The atypical American from Texas, Jensen's brash, crude and tends to piss a lot of people off, even his fellow crewmates. Regardless, he's beyond good at what he does and in such peak physical condition he'd be an amazing soldier. 

Known as the Shadow's Ward around Reno, he's a gypsy who used his eidetic memory to his advantage. His reputation at finding lost things or people precedes him and people tend to remember the looming man in the black trench. 

Absolute genius, but coming from a bad situation she's still incredibly shy and careful to trust. She doesn't speak much, but her willingness to help and join in make her an instant addition to the crew. 

The Captain's best friend, he's a reliable mechanic and has been taking care of the Desire from the start. Although its rare for him to come up from the engine room, it's even rarer to hear him speak in full sentences or laugh. 

Resident doctor, although he'd like to be known for more than his nursing skills. After all, he comes up with a new experiment a week, ranging from a horrible attempt at hydroponics to new tonics to cure illnesses that don't even exist yet. 

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